Compiled by: G.Nagesh, SMG, ISAC, Bangalore

Developmental work on shape shifting Robotic pyramids for space applications is in progress in NASA. This is a revolutionary type of Robot spacecraft called as Tetwalker (Tetrahedral Walker) as it resembles a Tetrahedron. Electric motors are located at the corners of the pyramid which act as nodes. The nodes are connected by struts which form the sides of the pyramid & the struts telescope like the legs of a camera tripod with the motors expanding / retracting the struts. Thus the c.g of the pyramid alters causing the same to topple over. It is proposed to make the same compact by replacing the motors with micro/ nano electro mechanical systems. Extensive research is on in artificial intelligence to get these robots move and work together in swarms automatically.

Related link:
www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/robotic explorers/ants.html



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