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Instructions to Authors:

This Newsletter is a channel where we don’t only intend to contribute to the knowledge base but also inform the others about the latest development/achievements in the field of aerospace related mechanism. It’s a platform where information regarding the contributions made by the members should seamlessly flow and should also reach to all the members for the betterment and effective usage.

News feed may be of the following type:

News related to the achievements
       - Members may send in the brief details of awarded papers or awards given by any technical society.
       - Brief details about the patents made.
       - Name, abstract and journal name of the papers selected for inclusion in the proceedings of seminars or
         technical journals.
       - Details of Seminars conducted in the field of Aerospace related mechanisms
       - Details of Upcoming seminars in the field of Aerospace related mechanisms

Articles may be submitted on the following topics
      - Recent developments in aerospace related mechanisms
      - New design ideas which are useful for mechanism design.
      - Mechanisms under development in aerospace area.
      - New products/material which can be useful for mechanism design.
      - New measuring instruments/tools useful for mechanisms testing
      - New software tools for mechanism design/analysis.

Note: The Inputs may be limited to 400 words only in MS Word format with two photographs. Direct extracts from references may be avoided.


Dr. B P Nagaraj, ISAC, Chief Editor,
Dr. Dibakar Sen, IISc, Member
Sri. A Shankar, ISAC, Member,
Sri. Anoop Kumar Srivastava, ISAC, Member Secretary

Disclaimer: The editorial board does not take the responsibility of the correctness and consequences of using the information available in the articles published in this newsletter. The responsibility of the correctness of the material lies solely with the contributor. The contributor is responsible for taking necessary approvals from competent authority before submitting for publishing in this e-newsletter. The Editorial Board reserves the right to select and schedule the articles for the e-newsletter.



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