Members of the Society - Rules and Regulations

The general Body of the Society shall be composed of the following categories of members:
a. Life Members
b. Institutional Members
c. Honorary Fellows


a. Life Members: Persons with Bachelor's or Master's or Doctorate Degree in Science, Engineering or Allied Technology, and who have made significant contributions in the field of Aerospace and Related Mechanisms can become Life members.
b. Institutional Members: Any government organisation, Private organisation or any autonomous expressly interested in helping forward the objectives of the Society can be enrolled by the National Executive Council as Institutional Member. Two nominees, at a time, from each institutional member shall be allowed to participate in General Body of the Society.
c. Honorary Fellows: Persons of eminence, who have made significant contribution in the fields of science, engineering or allied technology, and who are invited by the National Executive Council of the Society, shall nominated by the Society as Honorary Fellows, for periods as desired by the Society.

Membership Fees

Membership fee for various categories of members shall be as given below:

1 Life Members Rs. 5,000/- (One Time Payment)
2 Institutional Members Rs. 20,000/- (One Time Payment)
3 Honorary Members - NIL -

Cessation of Membership

i.    Any member shall cease to be a member of the Society on his resignation by a letter addressed to the Secretary/ President of the Society and it acceptance by the National Executive Council.
ii.   Any member shall cease to be a member if he is not regular in his payment of arrears due to the Society.
iii.  Any member can be removed or expelled from the society with the approval of the General Body, for any activity declared as detrimental to the best interest of the Society.



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