Indian National Society for Aerospace and Related Mechanisms was registered under Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Trust Act 1955. The society was inaugurated by Bharatharatnam Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam at DRDL, Hyderabad on 22nd June 1999. Today the society has members from major R&D and academic institutions in India. Some of the leading institutions are ISRO centers like VSSC, ISAC, SDSC, DRDO laboratories like DRDL, ASL, RCI, ADRDE, ARDE, Industries like HAL, KELTEC, National Labs like ER&DC, and academic institutions like Engineering Colleges, IISc and IITs.

INSARM - A Prelude

During 1970s and 1980s a large number of aerospace mechanisms were developed in India for sounding rockets, launch vehicles, spacecraft, missiles and for other sophisticated systems. Developmental activities of these were scattered through out the country, and opportunities and occasions were not available for the scientists and engineers to interact. Some individual efforts were taking place for consolidation of activities within individual organizations. It was difficult for the aerospace mechanism designer to maintain a satisfactory awareness and sophistication in the State-of-the-art as there was no forum available to discuss technical issues with scientists and engineers of other organizations. The international scenario was totally different. NASA started conducting aerospace mechanism symposium regularly from 1966 onwards. Similarly ESA was also conducting seminar every two years. Following these examples, the first national seminar on Aerospace and Related Mechanisms was conducted at VSSC in 1985. A large number of papers were presented and 38 organisations participated. A national advisory council on mechanisms was formed under the chairmanship of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, with Shri. M.K.Abdul Majeed as Secretary. Some efforts were taken to prepare a panel of experts in mechanisms.

In November 1996 the second seminar was conducted again at VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram, One of the major recommendations of this seminar was to organize a national society of aerospace and related mechanisms to have continuous interaction of scientists and engineers working in this area. Various organisations were contacted and adhoc committee was made responsible for the registration of the society. The third seminar on aerospace and related mechanisms was conducted on June 1999 at DRDL, Hyderabad where the formal inauguration of the society took place. A national executive was formed to guide the activities of the society. Society also started collecting data on �Who is who in mechanism�. Elaborate questionnaire was prepared and sent to a large number of personnel in various institutions. Good response was received from few organisations. Action taken to enlist members at various places in Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune. A website in the name of INSARM has started functioning. Thiruvananthapuram chapter is already inaugurated. Preparatory action for the information of Chapters at Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune is initiated. The idea of INSARM is not only to stimulate interest in mechanism research and development but also to prove that it is possible to have better understanding of the work-taking place in this area in other laboratories in India and abroad. Knowing your interest in such matters, we seek your support and cooperation to make this society a great success. With our great tradition of sustained effort to reach our cherished goals, it is indeed a special opportunity and privilege for us to spread this idea and make INSARM one of the best professional societies.

Milestones in the formation of INSARM

•  Based on the recommendation of Aerospace & Related Mechanisms seminar (ARMS-96) and decision by the organizing committee of ARMS 96 on 21st November 1997, a team was constituted to work out byelaws and memorandum of association and to initiate action for registration.

•  Wide publicity in R & D organization in mechanism developed and feed back.

•  Registration of the society - 29-04-1998 Discussion with R &D personnel from national laboratories and academic institutions and formation of a national executive.

•  3rd National seminar on Aerospace and related mechanism and formal inauguration of the society. 22-06-1996 by Bharatharatnam Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

•  First National executive committee meeting- 26-06-1996 DRDL, Hyderabad

•  Action for preparation of directory on who is who on mechanism R & D.

•  General Body and Technical Meeting, Thiruvananthapuram 10th February 2001 and presentation of audited account of the society. (Presentation by two eminent scientists on heart pump and non-explosive devices).

•  Inauguration of the website of INSARM

•  Co-sponsoring of national seminar and exhibition on materials SEM-2001

•  Co-sponsoring of national technology award function - Tech-2001

•  13th July 2001- Election of office bearers of Thiruvananthapuram Chapter.

•  23rd December 2001- Inauguration of the Thiruvananthapuram Chapter and technical meet at Priyadarshini Hall, Thiruvananthapuram.

•  4th National Seminar on Aerospace and Related Mechanisms at Thiruvananthapuram - Nov 2002

•  Inauguration of Bangalore Chapter by Dr. P S Goel, Secretary, Dept. of Ocean Development on 18th Nov 2005.

•  5th National Seminar on Aerospace and Related Mechanisms at Bangalore on 18th and 19th Nov 2005.

Objectives and Purposes

•  To promote R&D activity on aerospace and related mechanisms and to foster a feeling of fellowship among the members of the society.

•  To encourage widespread dissemination of knowledge and skills gained through research and experience in R&D institutions on aerospace and related mechanisms among its members and other professionals, through collaborative research, seminars, conferences, workshops, journals and other aids which the society may organize and develop progressively.

•  To encourage close interaction with industry, academic institutions, commercial organizations and individual specialists for participation in R&D of mechanisms.

•  To identify thrust areas for new research on mechanisms, like electrohydraulic actuators, mechanisms for robotics, smart mechanisms & micro-mechanisms, mechanisms for bio-engineering & medical applications, mechanisms for oceanography, and rendezvous & docking mechanisms.

•  To co-operate with international associations and institutions promoting similar activity, and to represent, before appropriate international for a, important aspects of activities being carried out by various organizations and institutions in India, in the field of mechanisms.

•  To establish and administer centres of the society in VSSC at Thiruvananthapuram, and also in other cities and institutions in India, like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Agra, Bombay and similar other locations, to further the objectives of the society.

•  To secure funds and grants for promoting R&D of mechanisms and to institute awards and research grants to individuals and organizations for furtherance of the objectives of the society

Projects and Programmes

•  To conduct periodic technical meetings to stimulate interest and participation of the members of the Society on aerospace mechanisms.

•  To organize national seminars on aerospace mechanisms with participation of major R&D institutions, if possible, every two years or with suitable periodicity.

•  To conduct workshops on specific topics on aerospace mechanisms every six months, or as per need, for which the announcement of forthcoming topics shall be published in advance.

•  To bring out an aerospace mechanisms newsletter, with focus on significance achievements in the field of aerospace mechanisms in the country, the world scenario, and in particular, the activities of the society and forthcoming events.

•  To administer the Centre of the Society in Thiruvananthapuram, ad to organize new Chapters, to be known as Regional Centre of Society in other cities in India, for furthering the objects of the Society.

•  To identify areas of experience of each member organization, to catalyse in bringing out design standards and design manuals from the concerned organizations on particular speciality and to institute a data bank to help and support the growth of professional knowledge on aerospace mechanisms.

To improve liaison with international bodies for technical co-operation in the field of aerospace mechanisms, encompassing joint programmes of research, exchange of professionals, training schemes, and other associated tasks as needed to be established in the future.




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